Josh Storm – Country Storm airs, Tues, Fri and Sunday mornings at 9am Central Time

I’ve been broadcasting music for over 10 years having started when Radio was not regulated. I have been on 2 successful internet radio stations, one being Power 91 for 3 years before coming to FUNN Radio in October 2018.

I’ve been influenced by many types of music from Classic Rock to Oldies and Gospel Hymns but as of late its been Country Music.

I currently live in Pinebush NY but grew up in NYC and New Jersey.

Thomas Wright

Thomas is from Dallas Texas where he has been in the music business since 1996.
As a kid, he grew up staying up in the wee hours of the night, well into the morning, listening to the radio, hiding in his closet while he was supposed to be sleeping.  His favorite radio host is the late great Bill Mack (The Midnight Cowboy), who is the inspiration for Thomas’s late night show, “The Midnight Ride”.
Thomas likes all kinds of music artists; Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and of course, George Strait just to name a few.
During his 24+ years in the music industry, Thomas has had the privilege of interviewing numerous musicians from Braden Genkins, to Garth Brooks (in 2016 during his radio tour held at The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX).
While Thomas enjoys the “mainstream radio” and mainstream artists, he also is a believer and a fan of the “little men and women” of the Indie music scene, the Indie musicians, as well as the Texas musicians of the Texas music scene, that may not get played as much as the mainstream artists do.That’s why Thomas decided to join the FUNN Indie Radio station, in 2019, so the “little men and women” of the Indie & Texas music scene can get played on the radio.
Thomas thoroughly enjoys being a radio show host for the FUNN Indie Radio online radio station!