Paula Bourelle – Station Manager/Program Director

I’ve always loved music and couldn’t get enough of it while in high school! From playing the flute in the band and ensembles and also singing in chorus, glee club, and small groups, I was kept busy. After high school, I loved buying as many “records” as I could get, most of them “Rock N Roll”. Met my husband who introduced me to Country music and I was hooked on it! Fast forward a few years later after raising 3 daughters who listened to Rock music, and I found myself able to watch CMT, and The CMA awards shows. Then in 2011, I found a new calling, booking artists, and finding and following other artists on Facebook. Through those connections I discovered internet radio stations and through one of those stations I met Jon Scharphorn and we became good friends and ended up helping each other out with our businesses! It has been such a great experience to come from someone who just enjoyed music immensely to being a part of the Internet radio industry and connecting with such great Indie artists! I’m so grateful to Jon for allowing me to be involved in this station and grateful to the amazing artists who send their music to us!